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LovingColoing 2nd Psd Pack

93-108 Psd

So basically i decided to make a psd pack all of those are own by me i was basically using those but i’m not posting it was like something drafts on my folders so i decide to share it to all of you all of those we’re sucks for me i doesn’t like it anymore.all the psd contains B/W and the others psd contains OPTIONAL all you have to do is Enjoy! the 2nd the last picture is a KPOP Psd 

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87-90 lovingcoloring first Psd Pack

so guys this is our first psd pack and hope you like those psd i work hard for it.those psd are recommended to use in Candids,Photoshoots and Concerts they’re all colorful Enjoy Using it

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psd #86 ► download
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psd #85 ► download

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psd #83 ► download
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